7 Uses for Fallen Leaves

Posted on 19th Dec 2016 01:43:44

As with most other plant debris, you start thinking of ways to get rid of your leaves as soon as they start falling. But unlike tree branches and dropped fruit, fallen leaves can help you accomplish a number of outdoor tasks when used correctly. Consider...

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Good Wood: 5 Benefits of Wood Chip Mulch

Posted on 16th Dec 2016 01:43:11

Whether you work in a backyard garden or manage the landscaping of a public building, you likely know the importance of mulch. The right mulch protects the vulnerable roots of new plants from extreme weather, while providing essential nutrients to encour...

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How Trees Affect Your Property Value

Posted on 8th Dec 2016 01:42:32

As you prepare your home for resale, you take every measure possible to ensure you receive the best price. You make repairs, upgrade appliances and add a fresh coat of paint. But as you pull the weeds and trim your bushes, you can't help but wonder what ...

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